4320-1017 - 

Cable Stripping Tool, Self Adjusting, 28AWG to 12AWG, Right Angle V Blade


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3mm to 18mm
28AWG to 12AWG
PVC, PTFE Insulation Cables
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The 4320-1017 is a new ergonomic Stripping Tool provides comfort and flexibility. The EMBLA RA offers a right angle ergonomic solution to installers and adds more flexibility of use in workbench applications. The self-adjusting feature is designed to accept a wide range of wire cross sections, the widest stripping capacity of any stripping tool of its type. The pistol grip provides stress free comfort, particularly when operating parallel to a table or workbench. The interchangeable stripping cassettes enable precision stripping of a wide range of insulation types from PVC to PTFE. The ergonomic, lightweight and compact design to meet the needs of professionals in both high volume production and portable/field applications. Frame and mechanism have a lifespan exceeding 150000 cycles (tested with 1.5mm² PVC) and offer comfortable, durable and stress-free operation.
  • V-blade cassette


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