LP311P - 

Analogue Comparator, Rail to Rail, Differential, 1 Comparator, 1.2 µs, 3.5V to 30V, DIP, 8 Pins

LP311P - Analogue Comparator, Rail to Rail, Differential, 1 Comparator, 1.2 µs, 3.5V to 30V, DIP, 8 Pins

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The LP311P is a single low-power strobed Differential Comparator with open collector and emitter outputs. It takes advantage of stable, high-value, ion-implanted resistors to perform the same function as the LM311 series with a 30:1 reduction in power consumption but only a 6:1 slowdown in response time. It is well suited for battery-powered applications and all other applications where fast response times are not needed. It operates over a wide range of supply voltages, from ±18V down to a single 3V supply with less than 300µA current drain, but is still capable of driving a 25mA load. The LP311 is quite easy to apply free of oscillation if ordinary precautions are taken to minimize stray coupling from the output to either input or to the trim pins. In addition, offset balancing is available to minimize input offset voltage. Strobe capability is also provided to turn OFF the output (regardless of the inputs) by pulling the strobe pin low.
  • Low power drain - 900µW with 5V supply
  • 25mA Output drive capability
  • Emitter output can swing below negative supply
  • Same pin-out as LM211, LM311
  • Designed to be interchangeable with industry standard LP311


Automation & Process Control, Sensing & Instrumentation


1 Comparator
3.5V to 30V
Open Collector, Open Drain
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