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As Panasonic’s Authorised Distributor, for over 25 years Farnell element14 has been committed to stocking its newest products first and has the manufacturer’s largest stocking  profile in Europe, including popular capacitors, resistors, inductors, batteries, industrial SD cards and AEC-Q200 qualified components, available at competitive prices.

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What’s New from Panasonic Electronic Components?

Panasonic Electronic Components recently expanded its product catalogue with Farnell element14 to include innovative new technologies: Polymer Capacitors, Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags, ICs and Evaluation Boards, Bluetooth® Modules and Development Kits, Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS), and Sensors. The Panasonic Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor will be available from Farnell element14 later this year, along with a new range of Supercapacitors (Gold Capacitors). Panasonic will be discontinuing its Snap-in Capacitors in the near future.

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Farnell element14 stocks over 20,000 AEC-Q200 qualified Panasonic components in Europe - suitable for use in automotive applications such as power electronics, ADAS, infotainment, safety, security and chassis. Panasonic’s products are also suitable for a wide range of other applications including medical, lighting, security, renewable energy and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Anti-Surge Chip Resistor
Anti-Surge Chip Resistor - ERJPA3 series

Panasonic's Anti-Surge Chip Resistor is suitable for the ECU of vehicles, into which surge voltage or ESD voltage may enter, and inverter circuits of a variety of units.

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SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors
SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors

SP-Caps are Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors that use a conductive polymer as their electrolyte material.

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Panasonic High Power Choke Coil ETQPDH series
Panasonic High Power Choke Coil ETQPDH series

Panasonic's ETQPDH series of choke coils are high-powered SMD inductors that are well suited for automotive applications.

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Development Boards, Evaluation Tools

Passive Components

Wireless Modules & Adaptors

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The Panasonic Corporation & Premier Farnell Partnership

For over 25 years, the long-standing relationship between Panasonic Corporation and Premier Farnell has brought together design engineers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs), in industries as diverse as industrial, lighting, security, healthcare and automotive, the latest and most innovative products for design and prototyping through to production.

The Panasonic Corporation provides many of the electronic components that go into cutting-edge technologies sold by a host of Fortune 500 companies, who have come to rely on the high performance, quality and reliability that is synonymous with the brand. Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems is committed to driving industrial innovation, as well as synergies and automation with its key business partners, like Farnell element14. Panasonic’s advanced technology and expertise expands the possibilities of future car development. Most of the manufacturer’s capacitors, resistors, chokes and inductors are AEC-Q200 Qualified or suitable for use in automotive applications such as power electronics, ADAS, infotainment, safety, security and chassis. Farnell element14 has over 20,000 Panasonic automotive parts stocked in Europe.

The formation of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Europe (PAISEU) brings together the formerly separate legal entities of Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe, Sanyo Components Europe, Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe, and - as a subsidiary and still separate legal entity - Panasonic Electric Works (PEW) Europe.

Farnell element14 is an authorised distributor of Panasonic Corporation subsidiaries: Panasonic Electronic Components, Panasonic Electric Works, and Panasonic Industrial Devices.

Farnell element14’s Panasonic Awards & Recognitions

At the end of Panasonic’s financial year in April 2015, Farnell element14 was announced as number one for Panasonic products sales. We received our second Demand Creation Award from Panasonic at Electronica 2014; this time for having the largest customer base for Push Products in 2014 - the previous award in was for Passive Component sales. We also received the Panasonic Distributor of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 in recognition of our success in growing customer numbers in targeted focus countries, and increasing sales of Panasonic's component and battery ranges across Europe. Learn more about Farnell element14

Premier Farnell’s Awards & Certifications

About the Premier Farnell Group

Premier Farnell Ltd is a global leader in high service distribution of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, production, maintenance and repair. Trading as Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 across Asia Pacific, the brands are supported by a global supply chain of more than 3,500 suppliers and an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs.

Premier Farnell: 10 Key Facts

  1. Established 1939, Leeds, United Kingdom
  2. Operations in 36 different countries.
  3. More than 4,300 employees
  4. Over 620 field sales staff
  5. Over 600 contact centre staff
  6. 48 transactional websites, in 34 languages
  7. More than 3,500 leading suppliers
  8. More than 500,000 products stocked with access to over four million more on demand
  9. Over 350,000 registered members on the element14 Community
  10. Leaders in providing information on REACH, Conflict Minerals and EU RoHS legislation

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