The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the largest revolution in the data economy. By 2020, IoT revenue in B2B segments could top USD 300 billion1 as businesses discover new ways to benefit from the data generated by connected things. At Intel, we understand the exponential power of data, and we’re making it practical and economical to put it to work.

Our comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software helps transform data from a burden to be managed into a competitive advantage. From large, complex applications in the cloud to intelligence at the edge, we power solutions that can move, store, and process data faster, turning it into actionable insights that drive business forward. By enabling technology providers to develop solutions that harness the massive flood of data through the combination of IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G, we’ll accelerate business transformation to a degree never before seen.

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A bold new era for IoT

Industrial systems are becoming more complex, especially as automation expands in smart factories. But with a greater number and variety of systems to buy and maintain, companies are struggling with increasing costs and lost productivity. Each system has unique support requirements for configuration, backup, spares, and software patching—and takes up valuable space on the factory floor.

Intel provides the hardware building blocks and specialized technologies for technology providers to consolidate discrete functions—including process control, visualisation, and data acquisition—at the edge, such as with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or factory workstation. These optimised solutions lower BOM and integration costs, as well as reduce operational expenses for power, cooling, and management. They also take up less space and reduce system-to-system communications.

Intel compute elements can scale up to meet performance-hungry tasks like machine vision, which when performed at the edge can help reduce latency and improve real-time responses. Specialized technologies offer additional value, such as Intel® vitualisation Technology to improve functional safety and Intel® Real Time Compute capabilities to synchronize networks of devices. Intel also provides an application-ready platform that speeds the development of virtualized, real-time systems.

To consolidate data and applications and streamline management even further, Intel is advancing strategies like software-defined infrastructure, containers, orchestration, and hyperconverged infrastructure. All this helps technology providers converge information and operations technology (IT/OT) and increase the value of their solutions.

As transportation providers connect more vehicles, vessels, and infrastructure to the cloud, they’re seeing a greater need to place high performance compute at or near the edge to perform predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) using data from vehicle sensors, cameras, and other sources. This can help reduce latency, improve real-time responses, and relieve demand on network bandwidth for performance-hungry tasks, like vision.

Solutions based on Intel® platforms deliver high performance at the edge, ideal for onboard or on-premise servers and gateways. They also offer specialized technologies to help OEMs, ODMs, and system integrators consolidate multiple applications. This helps reduce BOM and integration costs, as well as software

complexity, while leaving enough performance headroom to add new functionalities as needed. You can also deliver greater value by reducing infrastructure costs and simplifying integration and management.

Intel makes it possible to successfully consolidate many different applications with specialized technologies like Intel® vitualisation Technology and Intel® Real Time Compute capabilities. By allowing multiple systems to share compute, graphics, audio, imaging, and other resources, you’ll increase utilization, efficiency, and value. To consolidate data and applications and streamline management even further, Intel is advancing strategies like software-defined infrastructure, containers, orchestration, and hyperconverged infrastructure. These strategies help transportation providers lower their capital and operating expenses.

Intel® NUC 8 PRO – built for business. Built to last.

Every system features new capabilities, including a Thunderbolt™ 3 port, plus USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports that transfer data at 10 Gbps—2X faster than the previous generation. Certified by Intel for 24x7 sustained operation and featuring a 3-year warranty and 3-year product lifecycle, the Intel NUC 8 Pro is designed to deliver years of nonstop performance.

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