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Over HIOKI E.E. Corporation

HIOKI - Japanese Precision since 1935

Founded in 1935, HIOKI today is one of the market leaders for test and measurement equipment. As a Japanese company, precision in every aspect is the focus of our tradition, which distinguishes each of the more than 200 main products.

HIOKI offers industry-leading technology products ranging from Power Analyzers, Data Acquisition, Recorders/Data Loggers, Current Sensors, Battery Testers, HV Testing Equipment, Resistance Meters, LCR Meters, Insulation Testing Equipment, Power Quality Analyzers and on-site measurement tools such as Clamp Meters and Digital Multimeters.

As a provider of expertise over such a broad product range, HIOKI has been contributing to advance our modern society by offering reliable solutions for R&D, production facilities, maintenance and safety equipment in various fields from automotive and e-mobility, aviation, health, building management and many others.

HIOKI works daily to develop and manufacture highly reliable, innovative products that offer new and unique measurement solutions that can contribute to our society and to your success.


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Test & Measurement

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