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AUTOMATION & BEYOND Since its creation in 1945, IDEC has become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of Industrial Automation, Explosion Protection Systems, Machine Safety products & Control and LED Lighting solutions.

IDEC Mission - Throughout industries, technology is constantly evolving in the workplace.It is as vital as the technology evolution to maintain harmony with safety and comfort of the workers.

IDEC from the initial development of disconnect switch with an unique interlocking feature in 1950s, it has been in IDEC’s DNA to going that extra mile to maintaining safety while optimizing efficient manufacturing environment.

This is our mission.


Audio Visual

Automation & Process Control

Cable, Wire & Cable Assemblies

Circuit Protection


Enclosures, Racks & Cabinets

LED Lighting Components

Lighting Products

Office, Computer & Networking Products

Optoelectronics & Displays

Power & Line Protection

Sensors & Transducers

Switches & Relays

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Automation & Process Control

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