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The move to Industry 4.0 has implications for the way sensors, actuators and controllers on the factory floor are integrated. High throughput is no longer enough. Equipment needs to be flexible to handle a growing variety of products and enable rapid changeovers as demand patterns change.

The first steps toward a more flexible, fully event-driven industrial-control environment have already been taken by harnessing cloud computing to support applications such as preventive maintenance and supply-chain management. However, the cloud can only achieve so much. A successful transition calls for the implementation of edge computing in which increasingly sophisticated systems are deployed on the shop floor that can communicate with each other in real-time and with remote cloud-based systems.

This white paper discusses the strategies that industrial-control integrators and operators can employ to enable a seamless transition from existing architectures to one that leverages the full benefits of Industry 4.0.

Here are some key areas of our whitepaper
  • What is edge computing?
  • The different forms of edge computing
  • Transitioning to an edge-compatible control infrastructure
  • Defence in depth for security

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