The InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series oscilloscopes with bandwidth models ranging from 100 MHz up to 1 GHz offer high-end technology in a small form factor.

With an intuitive touch user-interface, industry-leading waveform update rate, zone trigger, and 8 new standard features, you can capture and isolate elusive glitches and anomalies not possible on other oscilloscopes.

Key features


Debug need

Histogram features, mask testing, measurement limit testing, and FRA help users find elusive problems quickly and easily.


Low speed serial design & test needs

I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, and USB PD trigger and decode
protocols come standard, providing solutions to a wide range of bus protocol needs.


Education needs

3000G is an affordable solution for lab managers, providing industry standard, user friendly equipment with the best features in its class to students.

Related license upgrades and options for G series

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