Miniature UWB modules

UWB technology enables location accuracy in the order of 0.1m for indoor or outdoor applications. This facilitates solutions that can be used for Asset Tracking and RTLS applications where 2D or 3D location can be determined with high accuracy without the need for GNSS. The Murata Modules are based on NXP and Qorvo chipsets and include the RF front-end components to support operation in ch5 and ch9 UWB bands. The Type 2BP Module can support up to 3 antennas (for 3D location), while the Type 2DK Module includes UWB and Bluetooth antennas, allowing operation as a UWB Tag and incorporating a BLE Wireless MCU.  The Type 2AB Module can support two antennas (2D location) and incorporates a BLE Wireless MCU. UWB Technology is already seeing use in Asset Tracking, RTLS and Access Control applications and is expected to see future use in Retail, Transportation and AR applications.

LoRa modules

The Murata Type 1SJ LoRa Modules are the smallest LoRa Modules in the line-up and include the Semtech SX1262 LoRa ConnectTM Transceiver IC and ST Microelectronics STM32L0 MCU to provide customers with a Regulatory Certified Module that can be used as the core of a LoRa End Node product design. The 1SJ-295 variant is supplied as an OpenMCU design where the Application and LoRa stack are supported in the integral MCU and allow the complete customisation of functionality in the Application.  The hardware supports LoRa Class A,B and C operation and is used for higher band LoRa Regional support (EU863-870, US902-928 and AU915-928). Murata has also developed Modem firmware, which is supplied with the 1SJ-686 variant supporting AT Commands of the UART interface to an external Host Processor for LoRaWAN use in Class A/B or Operation modes and compliance with LoRa v1.0.3. This can be updated to the latest LoRa v1.04 supporting firmware (which is supplied pre-flashed in the 1SJ-977 variant).